Wheel of Fortune

turning point - change - profit - fate - feeling powerless - going up or going down - force majeure - feeling like a leaf in the wind


Tarot card 10 Wheel of Fortune

With the Wheel of Fortune, it depends on how you look at fate. You can look  at the wheel of Fortune as an expression of your powerlessness or you can look at this card as life experience making you more adult and responsible for your growth.

Circumstances represented by the Wheel of Fortune can give you a feeling that you don't have any saying about anything. It can be the weather, traffic or other circumstances beyond your control.

The card can also represent happy and pleasant surprising twists and turns.

In regards to work it often shows boring routines. The card tells you that you can initiate great change. Great changes forced by fate. You can experience success, promotion or other profits.

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up regarding your love life, you often don't feel happy with how things are going at this moment. It can be that you don't have a partner or that you have a problematic, unsatisfied relationship.

It's all about recognising what we can learn from this situation so that we can look forward to the pleasant upside of the Wheel of Fortune

The stone that is related to the Wheel of Fortune is Fluorite.

The planet that is related to the Wheel of Fortune is Jupiter.