The World

self realisation - unlimited possibilities - profit - harmony - success - finding your place in the world - happiness - security - fulfillment - accomplishment - feeling blessed 


Card number 21 The World 

This is a very positive card where everything falls into place for you.

Refound unity, harmony and the happy ending. You found your place in the world.

Regarding work The World tells you that you are in a position where you belong, or you are heading to the place where you belong.

Travel and/or positive international contacts.

Regarding love this card tells you that you feel at home in your relationship or you soon will be with your partner for life.

You will experience a deep and meaningful relationship that will significantly change you and your life in a positive way. 

If you have a question about love, work, career, your health, finances etc. and The World is the outcome of your question;  this is one of the most positive cards of the entire Tarot Deck.

Blessings are yours. 

The stone that is related to The World is Onyx.

The planet that is related to The World is Saturn.