The Tower

sorrow - flash of insight - radical change - chaos - love at first sight - tearing down your walls - turn around - eureka  experience 


 Card 16 The Tower

The Tower brings change into your life. You can have a sudden flash of insight. Things that used to bring you security suddenly fall apart.

It can be that you feel you've outgrown certain aspects of your life. It can also be that something or someone as an outside force brings a radical change into your life.

At first it will feel like a catastrophe for you when this happens. But when the dust clouds are gone, you notice that you are relieved to be freed from old ballast.

Regarding work The Tower can suddenly and unexpectedly pull you away from your current job (maybe you will get fired or the company goes bankrupt) so that you can grow in a new and more vibrant environment. There was no room for you to grow in your old job. 

Regarding love The Tower can be a turn around in your current relationship. For example; a relationship that feels like a prison to you will suddenly end.

It can also mean that you are single and you build a safe wall around your heart. You think you are fine but then you suddenly meet someone and you feel a shock of lightning going through your heart - love at first sight.

He or she opens your heart and breaks down the wall. And even though it scares you, you are willing to open yourself slowly but surely for this relationship.

The planet that is related to The Tower is Mars.

The stone that is related to The Tower is the Carnelian.