The Sun

joy - success - children - growth - warmth - optimism - being positive - the bright side of life - marriage - cheerful - satisfied - lifeforce - fertility - believing in the future 


Card number 19 The Sun 

The Sun gives expression to great happiness, vitality, warmth and optimism. With this card we overcome sorrow and fears.

Regarding work this card means that we find joy in our work and that we have success and more creativity.

Business partners, colleagues and your boss will be open to your ideas. 

Regarding love it can literally mean taking a vacation with your sweetheart to a warm and sunny climate.

But vacation or no vacation, it always represents warmth, no worries and saying YES to each other from the bottom of your hearts. 

With this card you will feel that you have unlimited energy. 

You will be successful in all you undertake when the outcome of the reading is The Sun.

Your time has come to shine bright and beautiful.

The Stone that is related to The Sun is Amber.

The star that is related to The Sun is (what a surprise) The Sun.