The Star

hope - comfort - wisdom - insight - fruitful plans - the beginning - inspiration - broadening your horizon - protected by the Universe 


 Card 17 The Star

The Star is 1 of 3 Tarot cards that has protection from the Universe. The Star announces success. The other two cards are The High Priestess and the Hierophant.

The Star is not a card of action, The Star says you can have justified hope. She says that the things we plan or begin, will have a positive outcome and we are at the beginning not aware of the positive consequences far into the future. 

Regarding work; you are at the beginning of a very promising career. You are making promising plans. Projects, negotiations and starting your own business have great future possibilities and are most likely to become very successful.

Regarding love The Star represents promising encounters that are exciting and hold promise for the future. Relationships will have the protection of the Universe.

Use the power of this card to guide you in your efforts.

The sign that is related to the star is Aquarius.

The stone that is related to The Star is Lapis Lazuli.