The Moon

illusion - misunderstandings - dreams - darkness - way into the unknown - fears - imagination - confusion - hidden enemies - disappointment - anxieties 


 Card number 18 The Moon

The tarot card The Moon takes us to the domain of darkness and the night and to the images of our psyche, to our longings, dreams and fears.

The light side of The Moon refers to romantic dreams, lively fantasies and many emotions.

More often the cards refers to the dark side of our psyche. It represents fears, uncertainty, nightmares and fear of the future. Often these negative feelings are false but feel like the truth for you. 

Regarding work you feel unsure and fear that you will not pass the test, don't get the job or you fear that you will never find a job.

Regarding love this card shows her dreamy, romantic side. You might be wearing pink glasses and not seeing someone for who he or she really is.

The card can also mean that you are in a relationship where you or your significant other or the both of you are experiencing feelings of jealousy. 

Often the relationship will feel like a dream in the beginning but will end like a nightmare.

The stone that is related to the moon is a pearl. 

The sign that is related to the moon is Pisces.