The Magician

skills - will power - patience - flexible mind - creator - initiative - positive outcome - new possibilities - I can and I will


 Tarot card number 1 The Magician

The Magician means being clever, having a lot of self-awareness and an active lifestyle.

The card represents a time when difficult problems and challenges with a sharp consciousness can be overcome. The Magician has deep harmony between his conscious and his subconscious.

Regarding work you take the initiative and you can have financial success, make a promotion or bring difficult tasks to a successful end.

When you are in charge of a group or company you can improve the work climate because of your positive motivation.

When you are negotiating you will have the best cards. When you have to take an exam the outcome will be positive.

Regarding love there is strong fascination and great attraction. You feel as One in the relationship.

When you are single you are going to meet someone soon and you feel an instant attraction, probably love at first sight.

The stone related to The Magician is Citrine.

The planet related to The Magician is Mercury.