The Lovers

harmony - love relationship - decision - turning point - unity - beauty - personal beliefs - values - facing an ethical or moral choice


Tarot card number 6 The Lovers

This card unites two themes: on one hand she refers to a great love and on the other hand she tells us that this step will ask of you to take an important decision.

For instance; saying farewell to being single, living alone, living with your parents and so on. This card asks you to say YES with all your heart to your decision. In the old days the card had the name: The Decision.

This card can also mean that you have to make important decisions that have nothing to do with love. Don't leave any back doors open when you make the decision.

Regarding work you have to weigh the pros and cons and come to a clear decision. It can mean that you change jobs or change into a totally different career path.

Regarding love you have met someone that touched you deep in your heart. The card talks about great love.

When you're single, someone's coming and this relationship will bring you great love and luck. The card asks you to say YES with all your heart to this love relationship.

The stone that is related to the Lovers is Agate.

The sign that is related to the Lovers is Gemini.