The High Priestess

inner clarity - intuition - intelligence - silence is golden - the truth - inner knowing - great inner wisdom - taking no action - mystery


Tarot card number 2 the High priestess

The High priestess represents our subconscious powers, our intuition and a often unexplainable but deep rooted certainty. She is the key to the hidden truth. She is the expression of patience, understanding, consideration and goodness. With her psychic powers she helps others.

This is one of 3 Tarot cards that give you protection from the Universe. The other two cards are the Star and the Hierophant.

Regarding work you feel attracted to a therapeutic area or esoteric area. You can be a healer, teacher, card reader, psychic medium and so one.

Regarding love you have understanding, intimacy and a soulmate connection. You are certain that an invisible hand connects you with your partner. When you are single you are waiting patiently for a new encounter. You are not desperate and you listen to your inner voice. You just know that your partner is coming.

The stone that is related to the High priestess is The Moonstone.

The planet that is related to the High priestess is the Moon.