The Hierophant

advice - tradition - marriage - teacher - priest - up bringing - faith - belief systems - following a discipline - sharing a cultural heritage - groups


Tarot card five The Hierophant

The Hierophant stands for the world of faith and deep trust. This card is one of the three protective cards in the Tarot deck. It gives you protection from the Universe.

The other two cards are the High priestess and the Star.

The Hierophant is one of 3 cards that focuses on the group. The other 2 are 3 of cups and 3 of pentacles.

This card can stand for groups and their values. Groups have belief systems, rules, procedures and rituals. You may be struggling with your own beliefs vs the beliefs of the group.

The card tells you that you can have faith in your future. And that you stay true to what you believe is right. Follow your own heart and your inner guidance.

Regarding work this card means that we think about meaningful questions that go far beyond everyday themes like success and money.

You can also be challenged to stay true to your moral principles and don't get caught up in impure circumstances. 

Regarding love you are in a phase where the confidence, loyalty and love is growing for each other. You are willing and/or you wish to get married.

The stone that is related to the Hierophant is Amethyst.

The sign that is related to the Hierophant is Taurus.