The Hanged Man

sinner - self sacrifice - letting go - reversal - martyr -addiction - changing your mind - pause to reflect - seeing from a new point of view


Tarot number 12 The Hanged Man

At first sight the Hanged man means that we are stuck and we feel we have nowhere to go.

It gives you the possibility to look at things from a different point of view and come to a turn around in your life. The big lesson of this card is that we can change by surrendering. It tells us that we are standing still so that we can move forward again. When you notice that you want to force a situation, you should release.

In regards to work the card means stagnation and delay. When you are prepared to think differently and to learn new things, the problems will disappear.

In terms of love the card means that you feel stuck. It can be that you don't have a relationship or you are in a troublesome relationship and you try to break free. You need to think differently and try to understand why you are in this situation before the situation can change.

The stone that is related to the Hanged man is green blue turquoise.

The planet that is related to the Hanged man is Neptune.