The Fool

enthusiasm - the new - letting go - thoughtlessness - revolutionary - spontaneity - the beginning - the unknown - play fullness - no worries


Tarot card the Fool

The Fool shows the child inside of us and we are open to new beginnings without judgement. The Fool is the expression of playfulness without worries. It can indicate being naive.

The Fool lives in the Here and Now. He is always open to step into new experiences. He has no fear to fall off the cliff. Because he thinks: If I should fall my landing will be very soft.

The situation you're in can be unpredictable and full of surprises. The Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction. This will bring you personal growth and often lots of surprises.

Regarding work you are heading into new experiences without you having any knowledge but great willingness and curiosity to learn.

Regarding love you are playful, joyful and you are together with someone without any complications. It can be the beginning of a refreshing relationship or an inspiring new phase in an existing commitment. When you are single you can expect a positive and lively relationship with unexpected surprises that will bring out the child in both of you.

The stone related to the Fool is Tourmaline.

The planet related to the Fool is Uranus.