The Empress

creativity - fertility - love - growth - mother - generosity - health - friend - nurturing - nature - abundance - senses


Tarot card number 3 The Empress

The Empress embodies the great force of nature and she creates new life over and over again. She stands for fertility, growth and the birth of all that is new. On a physical level it means fertility. On a mental level it means artistic creativity, lots of ideas. On a conscious level it means more insights.

Regarding work this card tells you that you are in a phase where great powers will be released from within you. This means creativity for the artist, writer, musician and so one.  Surprising ideas for technology or designers. The will to change, to grow with greater vitality. This card can also mean that we have to prepare ourselves for changes at work, that there will be something new that will take us out of our routine. This can be a new teacher, coworker, manager or boss or a change in our tasks. In many cases this will be the beginning of a new career or a new position.

Regarding love the card also represents changes. It can mean that your family will grow. That you are going to welcome a baby in the family. There will be happy developments. She can also represents a phase of motherly love or for a field where a new and lively relationship can grow abundantly.

The stone that is related to The Empress is Rose quartz.

The planet that is related to The Empress is Venus.