The Emperor

power - organisation skills - responsibility - father - integrity - protection - diplomacy - authority - time schedules - accuracy - leadership


Tarot card number 4 The Emperor

'The trains are always on time in the world of the Emperor'.

You are in need or longing for structure, stability, feeling secure and continuity. You strive for order, discipline, responsibility and acting pragmatic.

In work the card means that you want to create order and accomplish your wishes and plans.

Your concepts are crystal clear and you have the will to be responsible. You can work very hard and your success will be dependent on your discipline.

In regard to love you are challenged to give the other enough freedom. You need to feel a lot of security from your partner, sometimes too much.

He or she is not responsible for giving you the feeling of security, you are responsible for your own emotions.

The stone that is related to the Emperor is Hematite.

The sign that is related to the Emperor is Aries.