The Devil

feeling powerless - bondage - power - dependency - suppression - temptations - playing with fire - our shadowside - lack of freedom - sexuality


Card 15 The Devil

The Devil has a different face for everyone. We feel lack of freedom, doing things that go against what we feel and against our principles.

This card tells you that you are in a unhealthy and unproductive situation. You may not see the whole truth. It can also mean that you are obsessed with something or someone.

When this card shows up in a reading it tells you to look at the highest version of yourself and hold on to this.

When this card shows up in regards to work we can be tempted to, for example, make a lot of money with work that goes against what we stand for. We meet our shadow side and we tell ourselves that 'if we don't do it someone else will do it'. We try to clear our conscious. This will always come back to you and bite you in your butt.

Regarding love we are tempted to live out our sexuality, our deep inner passion. The card reminds us that we are playing with fire. The card can also mean that you are in an unhealthy relationship where there is blackmail, tyranny, dependency and so on.

The stone that is related to The Devil is Obsidian.

The sign that is related to The Devil is Capricorn.