The Chariot

triumph - success - body and mind uniting - leaving - big leap forward - ambition - perseverance - courage - optimism


Card number 7 The Chariot

The Chariot is the only Tarot card at which departure happens with full optimism and joy.

The Chariot represents victories that are possible through willpower and self-mastery and the positive aspects of the ego.

It's a firm and unafraid step forward. You are willing to take risks. The card symbolises skills and also inexperience at the same time. Sometimes the card gives a warning to not overestimate your powers, you still have much to learn.

In regards to work we made a giant leap forward, maybe even the step to independence. We are on our way to success with great perseverance.

Regarding love the Chariot often shows itself when there is a new relationship coming or a fresh wind will blow through your current relationship. It will clear out routine and feelings of rut.

The stone that is related to the Chariot is Chalcedone.

The sign that is related to the Chariot is Cancer.