harmony - balance - healing - quiet time - loving yourself - peacefulness - combining forces - avoiding excess - enjoying wellbeing


Card number 14 Temperance

When this card shows up in your reading you feel peace and harmony in your heart, mind and soul. This card is very welcome when you have had a very stressful period. 

In regards to work the card tells you that you do your tasks in a balanced way without any stress. You feel powerful peace and you feel certain about how to do your work.

You work with an air of calm deliberation. Around you there can be swirling winds, but you are the still point in the centre that brings everything into balance.

Your energy can be very healing to people who need to calm there energy down.

In regards to relationships the card shows you a peaceful, harmonious relationship filled with kindness and openness towards each other.

If you have a question about health and this card shows up as the answer, Temperance holds out the promise of healing and well-being.

The stone that is related to Temperance is Mountain crystal.

The sign that is related to Temperance is Sagittarius.