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Tarot card number 11 Justice

The Tarot card Justice has several complex themes. She speaks about the clear and objective insight and well-thought judgements, balance and fairness. The card tells us that we will get what we deserve.

On an every day level we experience our surroundings as our echo. We live with the positive or negative consequences of our actions. You are totally responsible for everything you experience.

On a work level the card tells us that we will get clarity in our duties and goals. We can count on fair treatment or fair judgements as long as we don't try to be insincere or try to cheat.

Regarding love this card can represent balance in your relationship. But if you don't treat your partner right, don't expect to be treated nicely in return.

You reap what you sow. That is the main meaning of this card.

The stone that is related to Justice is Jade.

The sign that is related to Justice is Libra.