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 Card number 20 Judgement

You have come to a point in your life where you will free yourself from judging yourself. This is a very positive card.

It's often misinterpreted.

Often we blind ourselves and this card tells you that you are going to be released from fixed ideas, worries, needs, ungrateful situations, blockages and fear.

You will feel free and awake again. 

Regarding work the card often appears when there is a drastic change ahead. For instance you can get fired or some sort of other drastic change.

When you get fired it will feel liberating and you can take the path that will lead you to your true soul mission.

When the changes aren't that drastic like losing your job, you will still feel freed from old worries and burdens. 

In regards to love, when you are single you will find your 'treasure'. Your relationship will be anything but superficial.

It will transform you deeply. You will let go of old judgements and your shadow side.

The relationship will make you feel like you are born again.

The stone that is related to the card Judgement is Grenade.

The planet that is related to Judgement is Pluto.