Ace of Swords

A Potential

Every Ace card represents a potential in you. The Ace of Swords gives you the potential to make a clear decision, to 'Tie The Knot'. You have the ability to analyse every problem without losing the bigger picture. Even very complicated problems can be solved when this card appears. Negotiations going nowhere can finally reach a positive outcome. All the Aces represent a beginning, including the Ace of Swords. This card shows the battle must be fought quickly. Show courage and intelligence and your goals are within reach.

We also notice that this card often shows up when Mercury is retrograde. This is a period (3 times a year) when communication can be foggy, not a good time to travel, marry, sign a contract, buy a car or computer etc. When Mercury is retrograde you need to be twice as clear than normal. Clarity is key. And sign a contract, travel or buy electronic equipment when Mercury goes forward again. The retrograde period is often a 3 week period but you can feel the influence two weeks before and two weeks after.

Make a decision

For relationships this card can indicate that it is important to make a decision. This does not have to indicate the decision between whether or not to continue the relationship. It can be a decision about how you want to proceed or the decision to set certain limits or to adopt a different attitude. For example, to avoid all negativity for a few weeks. This allows the atmosphere to improve enormously and experience peace (finally?) in your relationship.

The Ace of Swords is all about intelligence, insights, justice, decisions and answers. This card tells you to be courageous, honest and to face your challenges. Look at every obstacle or problem in your life with an objective eye. This card tells you to be honest and truthful.

In Tarot readings, the Ace of Swords usually indicates the need to make a decision to determine your course. If this card is in the past, it indicates a decision that has already been taken. Sometimes this card also represents a new way of thinking, of breaking through an old, no longer usable line of thought. In the coming period you have good ideas about how you can perform better, for instance at work. Transform these ideas into a new method.

Cut through obstacles

The Ace of Swords shows the onset of overwhelming change in your life. For example, your business will turn for the better. With this card you cut through all obstacles. Success is therefore inevitable.

The Sword cards have everything to do with our mind and thoughts. Because our minds are very complex, changeable and nuanced - the messages of Sword cards are not easy to interpret.

Although most cards from the series of Swords seem bleak at first sight, you will see that if you manage to understand their deeper and hidden meanings, they are also filled with many positive messages.

The Tarot Sword cards focus on the head rather than the heart. The cards provide insight and speak about the decisions, actions and solutions that we take from our common sense and are hardly concerned with feelings and emotions. The Swords cards are related to the element: Air.


Keywords: Decisiveness - Insights - Verdict - An idea takes form - Active - Control over the situation - Order - Sharp - Deep feelings - Sharp intellect - Victory -  Happy event - Necessary change - Operation - Incision - Injection - You can overcome financial problems - Time for a decision - A new investment opportunity comes your way