How to increase self-confidence?


Card #1 My current confidence in my every day life

Card #2 What do I need to get more self confidence 

Card #3 How do I feel about myself?

Card #4 My way of thinking 

Card #5 What can happen to me if I am being honest?

Card #6 How can I learn to have my own point of view?

Card #7 When I think I made a mistake how can I deal with this in an easier way?   

Card #8 How can I learn to say no without feeling bad after words?

Card #9 How does my increased self-confidence look like?


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'Great reading, very accurate. Thank you so much for the clarity!'


'Deep down I already knew (...) wasn't honest to me. So many red flags I ignored. I know now that I really have to let him go so that true love can find me.'


'What amazing messages! So much to look forward to. I'm going to order a new reading when I feel I need guidance again. Blessings and keep up this beautiful work you all do.'