How do I lose weight 

Losing weight is an inner job.

Yes it is important to eat healthy and to exercise but it is just as important to find out for yourself what emotions cause you to eat more than you need?

The Tarot cards can shine a honest light on the emotional side of your problem with your weight.


Card #1 This is how I feel about my current weight.

Card #2 This is my determination about losing weight do I really want to lose weight?

Card #3 My eating habits, why do I need things of which I know that they are no good for me?

Card #4 My emotions in the past that influenced the reason why I am overweight.

Card #5 Why do I want to show myself as being overweight?

Card #6 How does my aversion to my slender Self express itself to me?

Card #7 How does my overweight Self, behave?

Card #8 What kind of excuses does my overweight Self tell me?

Card #9 Why do I value being slim?

Card #10 How can I remove the emotional blockage that controls my weight?

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