How to solve my debts?


It's a horrible feeling when you have debts. Often it's all you can think about all day every day. You wake up with the subject and you go to bed with it. The Tarot cards are a great tool to help you figure out how you can sort your debts. When you have so much sorrow on your mind it's often hard to see the clear road in front of you and to see any solution. When you follow the advice of the Tarot cards you can make a change in your financial situation. It won't happen overnight but you can make a fresh start with little steps one step at a time. The Tarot cards can tell you your near future and your future long-term about this subject.

Card #1 - What can I do to change this situation?

Card #2 - Which fear do I need to overcome?

Card #3 - Which situation can not be changed at this moment in my life?

Card #4 -  Which possibility do I have to solve my debt that I'm not aware of, that I can not see at this moment?

Card #5 - Which qualities should I develop to end my debt?

Card #6 - Short-term future

Card #7 - Long-term future

Card#8 - How long will it take to end my debts when I follow the steps the Tarot cards advice me?

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How to solve my debts: