How do I achieve inner and outer wealth?


How do you achieve inner and outer wealth?

Most people think that when they reach outer wealth the inner wealth will follow automatically.

But actually it's the other way around; when you achieve inner wealth it will translate  into your outer world as outer wealth.

For this reading the focus is on money but when you create inner wealth all other subjects in your life will follow, like your health, relationships, happiness, feeling good about yourself and so on.

So creating inner wealth and thus outer wealth is an inside job and the Tarot cards are perfect to help you with this.

Let the Tarot cards tell you how you can create inner wealth.


Card #1 Which resources can I use to create inner and outer wealth?

Card #2 Which resources are closed off for me at this moment?

Card #3 What can I do to open the resources?

Card #4 What do I need to conquer?

Card #5 Unexpected events. From which side will I get help or from which side can I expect difficulties?

Card #6 The results when you follow the advice from the Tarot cards

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