Abundance spread

There are many ways you can feel abundance. Abundance in love, abundance in health, abundance in happiness and so on.

This is a reading about money and abundance. This abundance spread will tell you what you have to overcome, what you have to do, what you can expect.

Card #1- What is my current attitude towards money? This card will tell you a lot about how you really feel about money how you see money. For instance you can tell yourself that you feel secure about the subject money but deep down you have a deep fear that you will never have enough. This card will tell you exactly what is going on inside of you.

Card # 2- Which (inner) resources do I have?

Card # 3 - Which (inner) resources are closed off at this moment for me?

Card # 4 - What do I need to do, to open the resources? This means developing skills and talents.

Card # 5- What do I need to conquer that I'm not aware of?

Card #6 - Unexpected events I am not aware of. For example; people or circumstances I am not aware of. This can mean people or circumstances helping me or blocking me.

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