We offer several Tarot readings about money:

There are many different Tarot card readings about money and many of them look quite the same so we narrowed them down to -from our point of view- the most important tarot readings about money. Because what you want are clear answers and not vague answers. 

Abundance spread: with this abundance spread you can play an active role in getting the abundance that you're looking for. If you don't know what to do you cannot play an active role and this reading tells you exactly what you can do to experience abundance in your life.

How to solve my debts Tarot card reading is another reading that gives you clear understanding, tools and advice so you can actively reduce  your debts.

If you want to know more about your financial situation for the coming 12 months, the Twelve months ahead reading is very helpful. Sometimes it's good to know what's coming so you can be prepared.

Many of us want more money but what can you do to increase your money flow? This is another brilliant reading because it tells you what you can do to bring more money into your life. 

Lets go deeper! If you want to go a bit deeper with the Tarot cards then this reading is for you; it tells you how you can achieve inner and outer wealth. When you make it your goal to achieve inner wealth, the universe always brings outer wealth as well because these two are combined. You cannot see them separately. When you are financially bankrupt you are also emotionally bankrupt, so work on your inner wealth and outer wealth will be yours...