My relationship

This is a reading about your current relationship. Sometimes we have feelings of doubt in our relationship. Does he or she still love me? Is he or she thinking about leaving me? Why is he or she so quiet or emotionally absent?

This Tarot card reading shows how two people in a relationship are looking at each other on an emotional level, mental level and what they show each other.

What they show each other can be the opposite of what's going on at an emotional or mental level.


My relationship Tarot card reading

Card #1 - The current situation, the relationship at this moment

Card #2 - The way my partner thinks about our relationship 

Card #3 - The way my partner feels about our relationship 

Card #4 - How does my partner behave in our relationship 

Card #5 - How do I think about my relationship 

Card #6 - How do I feel about my relationship 

Card#7 - How do I behave in my relationship


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