Sometimes it's difficult to feel, know or read how someone feels about you. Especially when you have romantic feelings towards him or her.


This Tarot card reading will tell you exactly how he or she thinks and feels about you. Because emotions and thinking (head and hart) are two completely different things. This reading will reveal everything. Are you wearing pink colored glasses or is this someone who really wants to be with you?

How someone behaves towards you, may be the opposite of how someone really feels about you. This can be very confusing for you. Someone may be in love with you, but pretend they don't care, because he or she is afraid to show how they really feel. They hide behind their true feelings.

This reading will show you what's really going on.

How does he or she feels about me:

Card #1: What does he or she think of me? (what goes on in the head)

Card #2: How does he or she feels about me? (what goes on in the heart)

Card #3: How does he or she behaves towards me?

Card #4: How do I think about him or her?

Card #5: How do I feel about him or her?

Card #6: How do I behave towards him or her?

Card #7: What phase are we in at this moment?

Card #8: Do we have a future together?


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