Does he or she love me?

When you are in love you want to know if he or she is single? And when he or she is single; is he or she interested in you? Is there a chance that he or she will say Yes if you ask this person to go out with you on a (first) date?

This reading will tell you if someone's heart is already taken by someone else. How his or her private situation and also work situation looks like. And if it's a good idea to start a relationship with him or her?


The Tarot reading Does he or she love me:


Card #1: My dream partner

Card #2: His or her attitude towards me

Card #3: My attitude towards him or her

Card #4: His or her current living situation (private life and work life)

Card #5: Is he or she single?

Card #6: Is he or she willing to go on a date with me?

Card #7: Is it a good idea to get involved with him or her?


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