Break-up yes or no?


This is a Tarot reading about the question whether you should stay or go? Leave your marriage or relationship?

Often, your heart already knows the answer to this question but your head is thinking about all the consequences. Head and heart are not in harmony and then you feel like you are stuck.

Tarotcards are a great tool to give you clarity about what is going on in your head and in your heart.

The reading Break-up Yes or No:

Card #1: The situation; this is what it's about.

Card #2: This is what I actually deep down want in my heart.

Card #3: This is what my mind, my brain tells me about my decision.

Card #4: What happens when I stay?

Card #5: What happens when I go?

Conclusion: the interpretation of all cards combined together; advice from the Tarot cards.

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