Example of the Tarot reading:

What does my body want to tell me?


Card #1 What kind of physical pain is involved?

First of all the card says that it's a very old pain and it's been with you for many many years maybe even a past life. It also can be a pain that's in your DNA. You inherited this. 

Card #2 In which situation do I feel this pain?

You feel this pain when all eyes are on you and you have to show your skills and responsibility. When you experience success. 

Card #3 Which subconscious part in me causes this pain?

The part in you that is reliable, open, direct and full of temperament.

Card #4 What is my attitude towards this subconscious part in me?

You cherish this part in you. You feel how strong you are in that part of your subconscious. You feel there are forces within you that are very strong and you could 'rule the world' if you would let these forces come to the surface.

Card #5 What kind of feelings do I feel at this moment about this?

You feel that it's been with you from childhood on because it also reminds you of your childhood. Maybe when you were younger you experienced other relatives who had this pain also.

Card #6 What does this pain want to tell me?

This pain wants to tell you that at this moment there is no winner nor a loser. It's not visible for you at this moment.

When you don't understand the answer right away card #7 and #8 can help you with this.

Card #7 How can I reconcile with this subconscious part and release the pain?

You can reconcile with this subconscious part and release the pain by avoiding extremes. For example not over eating but also not starving yourself. When you drink alcohol, stay with the number of glasses you know you will still feel good and don't get drunk. Don't stay up till 2 in the morning when you know you have to get up at 6 and you know that you don't feel well with 4 hours of sleep. The card tells you to find the balance and the Middle Road with everything you do. It may sound a little bit doll because it can be fun to just go and do the things you feel you want to do at that moment. And of course you have free will but this is what the card gives as advice to you. You also have protection from the universe regarding health.

Card #8 How does my life look like when I've made these changes?

You're going to be a lone wolf. You don't want to be with people who add nothing to your life. So you're going to be selfish in a healthy way and be with people from your own tribe with the same vibe.