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Self knowledge



Card #1 My consciousness 

You are a very hard worker. You love to work and you're eager to learn. You are aware that there is so much more to learn in life.

Card #2 My attitude towards my environment

You are of great influence in other people's life. You are a leader and people want to follow you and follow your example. 

Card #3, 4 and 5 My personality and characteristics 

The truth is very important to you. You are very wise and you do things from your heart. You are romantic and very spiritual; you have a direct connection with the universe. You're charming, warm, sensitive and spiritual. You can be insecure and modest. You attract money. You don't depend on nothing or no one. You are reliable, charming, practical and you love to make people feel at home with you, providing food, warmth and a nurturing home-feeling.

Card #6 How do I behave in my love life 

You are a very reliable partner. You are loyal and very trustworthy. You find it important to look your best and you have a natural attraction. You're very passionate and you can also be direct. You don't beat around the bush. You have natural grace. You expect to receive what you give and to give what you receive.

Card #7 How do I behave towards my family and friends 

When someone steps over your boundaries you can turn your back on someone for good. Undoubtably you already warned them a couple of times because you're not impulsive. Actually, you can be a friend for life and people need to give you your own time and space. You dislike and run away from people who want to own you.

Card# 8 Dangers hidden inside of me 

You can feel superior over others.

Card #9 My unknown Self 

You think you know it all but the thing is; you often DO know it all. You can be very cautious, sometimes too cautious. 

Card #10 My higher purpose 

Your higher purpose is being in the spotlight. To become famous in your field. 

Card #11 Development what can I expect?

You can expect to go on a path where no one else has ever gone before. You have to figure it out for yourself, so it's a good thing you know it all. You have all the knowledge in your subconscious and you are going to be very independent and also protected by the universe. You are going to broaden your horizon and you will get unexpected help. You are going to experience rewards of all your efforts in the past.


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