Example of the Tarot reading:

How can I increase my self confidence?


Card #1 My current confidence in my every day life

You are scared to be confident. You have a lot of confidence but somehow you are scared to let this come to the surface. Maybe you have past experiences that when you showed your confidence you got 'punished' by the outside world. Maybe they made fun of your confidence and tried to belittle you. You were taught to see your confidence as a shadow side of yourself. Obviously by people who lacked self-confidence and didn't want you to have self-confidence either. You lacked people around you who stimulated your self-confidence. 

Card #2 What do I need to get more self confidence 

Let the sun shine in your heart. The car tells you that you are a very positive person. You are warm, optimistic and you are born with the ability to always see the bright side of life. Your enthusiasm is contagious. When you try to deliberately search each day for these beautiful qualities in yourself, they will shine a light on your fear and the fear will vanish. You cannot be optimistic, enthusiastic, playfull and cheerful and be scared at the same time. Let's your inner sun shine so that the fear will subside.

Card #3 How do I feel about myself?

You actually feel quite good about yourself. You are very spontaneous and you love to express yourself through your creativity. Most of the time you feel deep inner joy that you are alive. You are an optimist. You are independent and your freedom is very important to you. In your freedom you find joy.

Card #4 My way of thinking 

You always think in possibilities. You are open to act on new ideas. You never think; this won't work so why bother and even start? Your thinking; This feels good, I think I can do it even though I've never done it. You are your own leader and you don't like to take orders. Not because you're arrogant or that your ego is too big, no it's because you know that you can do the job like no one else can. And this is true. 

We can imagine that when you were little and you showed this side of yourself, people around you could say: no, you cannot do this, you're too young or too little or too whatever. That made you question your self-confidence. When you feel certain things about who you are and what you can do and the people around you tell you the opposite, that's when doubt sets in. Especially when you're young.

Card #5 What can happen to me if I am being honest?

When you are being honest to yourself or your surroundings, you have to stand your ground. Maybe you don't like to take a firm stand or take a different approach which is to don't speak your truth. Some battles are worth it, others aren't. You know exactly when to walk away or when to be honest. And when you don't want to walk away you know that you have to take a stand and at that moment you are willing to do that. You can be bold and aggressive when you feel it is necessary.

Card #6 How can I learn to have my own point of view?

You have to realise that you know exactlywhat to do and how to do it. You also have to realise that your intuition is crystal clear. You have a tendency to feel guilty about what you feel. For instance when you suddenly feel that you want to create distance between you and someone else and you have no clue why you feel this, you have to realise that this is because you are sensing things that makes it valid to act on them. It can be that you find out months later that this person is talking behind your back and then it will fall into place for you why you felt that you wanted to create distance. Never apologise for what you feel, especially to yourself. Don't feel guilty and know that what you feel is true. This way you can learn to really trust your point of view and your emotions.

Card #7 When I think I made a mistake how can I deal with this in an easier way?   

The card says that you have to see it as a learning experience. The universe gave you a chance to learn and thus to grow. Stop seeing these chances as mistakes. The universe doesn't see it as mistakes. The card also says to think about 'your mistake' in a creative way; what can you do differently next time to have a different outcome?

Card #8 How can I learn to say no without feeling bad after words?

You have the ability to analyse any problem with ease. It's your confusion that makes you feel bad afterwards. Confused that you say no and often don't know the reason you said no. When you analyse what happened in a rational manor you will discover that you had every right to say no and feeling bad will disappear. Figure it out without letting your emotions interfere, that's a solution.

Card #9 How does my increased self-confidence feel like?

Your increased self-confidence will feel like you are sticking to your own truth. You understand that you are here to learn but also to teach. You are a mirror for other people and you can show others how they can increase their self-confidence by believing in themselves. Showing the outside world who you really are. The advise of card number 8 can be very helpful to increase your self-confidence. The attitude you need, to find more balance. Start easy with baby steps and you will soon discover that you find it very easy to say no and to be more confident.