This is an example of the Tarot reading:

I don't feel at home in this world


Card #1 My current living environment 

The card says that your current living environment is subject of great changes. Some changes are initiated by yourself, other changes are initiated by the universe. Some changes may shock you but afterwards you will feel great relief, and you also feel that these changes were necessary in order for you to grow.

Card #2 Where do I  come from, my last past life 

In your last past life you were working together in a group. You were working together to create a masterpiece and you all had the same goal. This was a very positive experience for you. It may be that you had to take one or several exams and the card says that you have past all your exams. And so you went to the next level. You worked very hard and with success. You had a productive past life focused on mastery.

Card #3 Why am I here?

One of the reasons you are here is to learn and experience that even though you were hurt in your past, this doesn't mean that you will be hurt again in the same way. You are very careful because of fear of being hurt again. The card says that it's good to be alert but don't expect problems that aren't there. Your painful experiences in the past made you a fighter and gave you strength. You have the inner drive to persist any setbacks.

Card #4 My unknown Self

The card says that the part of yourself that is at this moment still unknown to you, is a woman that has fire energy and great focus.

You are warm and easy-going. Your enthusiasm and your energy is contagious. You like your life full and you like to be busy. You do your tasks with commitment, dedication and devotion. There isn't anything that can bring you down. Your unknown self has deep faith in your abilities. Your unknown self is full of energy and believes in herself. And no matter what live throws at you, you can handle it.

Card #5 What can I do to feel more at home on Earth?

The advise this card gives to you is to not be a passive observer of your life but to be creative and act on your impulses. You have fire energy and your inspiration wants to come out. That will give you enormous feelings of satisfaction. You have the need to create and to be bold and daring. You like to take risks because you believe in yourself. Lead the way, take a risk and be an example to others. 

Card #6 How does my future look like?

We have drawn one of the most positive cards for you! It's the card of experiencing deep feelings, intimacy, compassion and love.

Your energy and your intuition will flow totally and abundantly in your future. You are going to experience events that will increase your happiness tremendously.  Your spirituality will grow. This card is all about your heart. You will experience that your heart will overflow with love, positive emotions and deep gratefulness that you are alive.