Example of the Tarot reading:

How do I lose weight?


We did a reading for Melanie*

Card #1 This is how I feel about my current weight

You feel alone and you withdraw your self. You are trying to find the answers within yourself. You try to gain deep insight about who you are and the things you want to change. You may come across to other people as a Hermit. You have deep inner knowledge.

Card #2 This is my determination about losing weight do I really want to lose weight?

The card says Yes, you really want to lose weight. You have the potential that you can develop courage and the willingness to change but also enthusiasm. The card also talks about inner growth. This tells you that your heart and your head are on the same page, you really want to change. Be aware of impatience.

Card #3 My eating habits, why do I need things of which I know that they are no good for me?

The card that gives the answer to this question speaks about self love. This means that in order for you to feel good about yourself and to feel love for yourself you eat the things that are not good for you. Somehow somewhere in your life you connected these two things together; eating and self-love. 

Card #4 My emotions in the past that influenced the reason why I am overweight.

You felt a lack of warmth, lack of love, lack of security. You felt alone and you had the feeling that nobody cared for you or loved you. And you also felt inferior. 

Card #5 Why do I want to show myself as being overweight?

At some point in your life you felt that even though you lacked warmth, love and security, you did have the choice to give love to yourself. You made that powerful decision to show to yourself and your surrounding that you are someone with inner strength. You said; I matter and I make the decision to love myself! You somehow made the connection that eating means loving yourself. You were scared that if you would lose weight you would lose the power of self love. You never had an example  to love yourself in a different way then eating.

Card #6 How does my aversion to my slender Self express itself to me?

You fear that you have to work very very hard to become slender and to stay slender. You fear that this hard work will continue the rest of your life.

Card #7 How does my overweight Self, behave?

Your overweight sells behaves like a slave. Your overweight self thinks that she is stuck and she tells herself that there is no way out. And because she believes that there is no way out, she thinks that it's ok to eat whatever she wants. She tells herself; if I don't eat this pie someone else will. Your overweight self has toxic thoughts, thoughts that go against who you really are.

Card #8 What kind of excuses does my overweight Self tell me?

Your overweight self uses excuses based on fear. She will tell you anything so that you don't have to change and lose your power to love yourself. She wants you to believe that the grass isn't greener somewhere else. She will use the excuse that losing weight is a too big of a step for you.

Card #9 Why do I value being slim?

Behind your overweight there is a woman who is very powerful, who believes in herself, who wants to grow. She is a leader. Somehow you just know that when you lose weight, she can step to the forefront and show the world who she really is. You have great vitality and you are very proud of yourself in a positive way. Somehow you think you cannot be like that when you are overweight.

Card #10 How can I remove the emotional blockage that controls my weight?

The advice the card gives you is to dive deep into your self to find the answers you are looking for. With outside help you can discover another way to love yourself and disconnect eating and loving yourself. The card says you know all the answers. When you learn a new way of loving yourself, being overweight won't be an issue anymore and then you will start to lose weight without hardly any effort. 


*Melanie gave her permission to place her reading on our website.