Example of the Tarot reading:

How can I develop my psychic abilities?

Card #1 My hidden talent that wants to come to the surface 

You are a natural born leader. You can inspire people to become the best version of themselves. You feel passionate about helping people and you do get along with everyone. People admire and respect you for your leadership qualities. You are very creative and you are assertive when necessary. You can use your psychic abilities to help and inspire other people. You dare to take risks and to be different. Starting your own practice will fit you like a glove.

Card #2 What can I do to open myself for my psychic abilities?

The card that showed up is the card of patience. We believe that every soul has several time slots. This means that when the time is right, events, circumstances, ideas and inspiration about your psychic abilities start to happen in your life. You don't have to do anything to make all of this happen, you only have to be patient. When the time slot opens, it will feel completely natural to you. You will notice that you suddenly are aware off your psychic abilities. The opening of the time slot will be at the right moment in your life and chances are that your psychic abilities are growing in a very fast pace.

Card #3 What can I do every day to strengthen my psychic abilities?

The card says first of all: don't be afraid to act. Believe in yourself and don't doubt what you hear, feel, see etc. Use the power of your focus with determination. The card tells you that you should remember that you are define source. You always had very strong psychic abilities and they will come to the forefront again. The card asks you to remember who you are every day. Somehow this will strengthen the believe in yourself and your psychic abilities. 

Card #4 What does my Spirit guide want to tell me about my psychic abilities?

Your psychic abilities will turn your life upside down. You really wanted to develop your psychic abilities but when they come to the surface you can get a bit scared or overwhelmed. Suddenly, with a flash of insight you realise that your psychic powers are real. It won't take very long before you feel at ease with this new situation. And right after that you feel totally happy and glad that you're abilities are finally noticeable for you.

Card #5 What does my Spirit guide want to tell me about who I really am?

You are a very warm, generous, spiritual being. Your door is always open for everyone and you offer people warmth and comfort. Around you there is always an atmosphere of trust, warmth and security. That's why people love to be with you. When you decide to give readings it's very important that people feel welcome, safe and that they can trust you. You have all these qualities. 

 Card #6 What can I achieve when I develop my psychic abilities?

The card says that you can take a long view into the future. Look at the greater picture, you don't have to make a decision right after you have discovered your psychic abilities. Be a visionary and dream beyond your current limitations. The card also speaks about your leadership. You are a pioneer so it could be that you come up with a total new way to give readings. You are going to explore lots of different things in this field. The card encourages you to move without any fear into new found areas. The sky is the limit.