This is an example of the tarot reading: Dance of Life 


Card #1 What do I like about my job?

You are very passionate about your job. You can live out all your creativity and it really feels as your calling: your higher calling. You feel your strength when you are working. You have patience and endurance to complete every task no matter how big or small.

Card #2 What do I dislike about my job?

It seems that you are working on a project of some sort and it takes a whole lot more of your time then you had anticipated. You think; will I ever finish this? Yes, you will and you are now planting a lot of seeds and they will keep growing far into your future and give you a magnificent harvest.

Card #3 How do I find balance?

The advice the card gives is to close yourself off from everyone for a short period. Maybe an hour or two is enough for you to recharge. Shut down your email and your phone so that no one can disturb you. When we look at your cards we see that many people reach out to you. When you are busy with this huge project, you have to be unavailable sometimes. The people won't run away, they will still be there after a couple of hours.

Card #4 What do I like about my love life?

You like the passion and the unexpected events your partner brings into your life. You can clash from time to time but you always work things out and it doesn't cause any harm to your relationship. The card says that somehow the both of you like the hot temperated clashes.

Card #5 What do I dislike about my love life?

The card says that your relationship is asking you to take a step you fear. It's not a small step, it's actually a life-changing step. You know what you have at this moment and this step makes you insecure because you don't know where it will lead you or if you will be happy? The card is a Swords card and this means that you are thinking. Your fear comes from your thinking and not your heart.

Card #6 How do I find balance?

When we shuffled the cards, this card jump out and fell on the floor. It's it's a card that tells you that you have nothing to fear and that your partner means well and he wants to do everything to make you happy. The step you want to take is harmless. Nothing bad will happen to you. The card also reminds you in this particular situation to listen to your heart and not your head. 

Card #7 What do I like about my health?

The thing you like about your health is that you know how to cleanse yourself from discomfort, sorrow, fears, doubts and so on. Maybe you give yourself healings while you're meditating. You know how to set yourself free and begin with a fresh slate.

Card #8 What do I dislike about my health?

You dislike that you believe that sickness will never knock on your door. You feel a bit arrogant about this because you know too well that anyone at anytime can get sick. Nobody is excluded regarding sickness. If we were standing in your shoes, we would stop disliking this belief because this is a strong belief within yourself and if you really feel in every cell of your body that you will never get sick then that will become your reality.

Card #9 What can cure me?

We hope that this answer will put extra power behind our words, what we said about card number 8 because this card gives the advice to steady and with trust believe that you won't get sick. If you can change that believe, abundance will be yours. Our wealth is in our health.

Card #10 What do I like about my finances?

You are very smart with money. You know what you have, what you can spend and what you don't have you don't spend. You are free of debt because of this intelligent approach. Money has no influence on you. Whether you are poor or rich you will always be the same person. You can detach your emotions from your spending pattern.

Card #11 What do I dislike about my finances?

You dislike that a lot comes in and a lot goes out. Everyday life is expensive and you have the means to pay all your bills. You just wish that there is a bit more stability. 

Card #12 How can I find balance?

The card we have drawn for you is one of the three cards in the Tarot deck that gives protection from the universe. This means that the subject money is protected by the Universe. We don't feel that you have to learn lessons about money. For instance: learn how it feels to be bankrupt or to be robbed by business partners or family and so on. Your money is protected and it will always be protected for as long as you live. Realise this and have faith in your future.

Card #13 What do I need to let go off?

You sometimes tend to have difficulty looking at things from a different angle, a different perspective. You tend to feel stuck sometimes for quite some time and the only thing you need to do is do nothing and the solution will come without your effort. Try to go a bit more with the flow, learn to pause when you feel you cannot do anything and learn to trust that the universe and your spirit guides will tell you when to take action. Action can sometimes work counterproductive when you go against your feelings.

Card #14 What needs a critical look? 

You have a tendency to close yourself off from doing fun things like partying and just having a good time. This can be temporary because of card number 2, that you have a lot on your plate at this moment and that you feel that you're wasting your time when you're having fun while in the meantime you could finish this incredible big project. Nevertheless, check in with yourself every now and then if you're not working too hard and your need for play time is wiped under the carpet.

Card #15 Which fear or blockage do I need to overcome?

You have a fear that you will wake up someday and outside forces will disrupt your life totally in one second. That everything that seems stable and secure in your life will be washed away. This is a very normal human fear. And it is interesting that we draw this card a lot on this particular question. Interesting and at the same time very understandable. The card says it is a fear that will never become your reality. Ever.

Card #16 The future; my regained harmony 

The card that talks about your future is saying that all your dreams will come true and it emphasizes on the fact that you need to be very clear about your daydreams. You can sculpt your daydreams by being as detailed as possible the way you want it to be.