Example of the Tarot reading: What can I do to increase my money flow?


This is a card reading we did for Sarah*


Card #1 Which sources can I tap into? 

You have an enormous inner ability to make clear choices and to stick with your choices. What you think and feel becomes your reality. You are really certain about making decisions and how you want to do things. There may be times when you think about how to do things, but you are a quick thinker. You don't like to waste a lot of time and you go with your first instinct. You trust your first instinct and you follow your instinct, this is an enormous time-saver. Another great source within you is your ability to do things with all your heart. When you feel passionate about what you do, the money always follows naturally. That's law. This source you can tap into, has enormous potential and almost the promise that you always know how to make big money. 

Card #2 Which sources remain closed for me at this moment?

The Source that remains closed for you at this moment is your ability to be patient. The ability of being patient and let things grow in their own pace in a natural way, so that everything can flourish. The Chinese call this: Wu Wei, it means act by doing nothing.

Card #3 What can I do to open these sources?

What can you do to open your patience? The card on position number 3 says that you should know that your money is protected from above. Somehow you need to find faith and confidence that being patient is a necessity in lifesometimes. Find a way to learn being patient. For example learn how to meditate and ask your spirit guides to help you with your impatience. Your impatiens can disrupt a lot of things that would have come to full fruition if you would have been patient. So it's really worth while to learn how to be patient.

Card #4 What do I need to overcome?

You need to overcome that you can be your own slave sometimes. You can work hard and long hours, and you forget to rest and play. It's positive when you have the ability to  work hard and you do love to work hard, but it will work against you if you don't take time out. Again.. learn how to meditate can be of great help. You don't have to meditate for hours; 15 to 20 minutes a day will be very helpful, give you a fresh point of view. It's also a very healthy pause, because the benefits of meditating are huge. Mentally and physically.

Card #5 Unexpected events that are helpful or disruptive

You have a very helpful unexpected event coming your way and that's the event of an unexpected financial windfall. It seems that you will enjoy this financial windfall enormously and you will be very proud of yourself because it looks like you are going to achieve something and reaping the fruits of something you started a long time ago. You can expect this unexpected event-windfall within 9 weeks or 9 months. 

Card #6 The results and developments in the near future

In the near future, opportunities will come your way and it seems that they are unexpected. Chances and opportunities that will ask you to be courageous and escape your everyday routine The card says that you don't have to be scared but take the opportunity with both hands. You have nothing to fear. The opportunity will give you a feeling that you're alive.

When we add up all your cards we come to the number 8. This means that if you will work on being more patient you will see a direct increase of money flow between 8 weeks or 8 months.

The opportunity the card on position  number 6 talks about, will come to you within one week or one month.


* Sarah gave her permission to place her reading on our website.