Example of the Tarot reading: Money 12 months ahead


September: in September you will feel very hopeful. It looks like you've come out of a dark period. Now you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will feel peace of mind, and we feel that this feeling well last through the end of December. You have to know that you're on the right track.  

October: in this month you will have several encounters with people who are like minded and probably Soulmates. The main energy of the month October will be loving, easy and very harmonious. When we read your energy we feel that is loving energy applies to work and your private life. 

November: the month of November will give you enough energy, drive and stamina to work hard and to work long. In the beginning of this year you had a lot of ideas. Months went by and you didn't feel any drive to put your ideas into motion. November will be a game-changer. 

December: even though the month of December is a very busy month for many of us, you will take it slow. In November you work hard and long and now you're taking a break from all your hard work. The last week of December will be a bit stressful for you but that will only last a couple of days. You're going to make a list of all the things you want to do in the new year.

January: this month will feel like a fresh start for you. You're working behind the scenes in solitude. And the second half of this month will be filled with appointments, but also fun time out. You will benefit greatly and get help from a male figure who turns out to be very good for business. 

February: this month will be coloured with warmth, love, optimism, lots of positivity and a very bright outlook for the rest of the year. Your health feels better than ever. You feel strong and vital. All month you will be in a very good mood. You attract people like a magnet. Use this beautiful energy of the month February because you can accomplish a lot. 

March: March can be a challenging month for you. It seems like your integrity is being tested. Stay true to who you are and stay away from people with no moral compass who try to trigger you to do the same. When we are being challenged it usually comes wrapped up in a gift, and oftenna na na na na  too good to be true. You know when it's too good to be true,listen to your inner truth. 

April: April will bring great financial benefits. It seems that your hard work starts to pay off. This is also a month in which you don't like a lot of changes. You like things to stay the way they are and they will because this is not a month of great change, it's a month of financial wellbeing.

May: the month of May will be under the influence of someone from your past coming back into your life.We don't feel that this is a love relationship but a friendship. So this could be an old friend and the energy is very loving between the two of you. You are also considering to start a partnership in business with this person. This can be very successful.

June: the month of June will bring even more financial prosperity. As you notice the cards are talking about work and money instead of love. So this year it seems that your focus is on making money instead of finding a partner for life. This feels like the right way to go and the right approach. It could be that you want to be financial independent before you commit yourself to someone else. 

July: in the month of July it seems you will take on more responsibility. And sometimes the workload will feel overwhelming. But at the same time you will be very successful. So it seems that you don't mind taking on more responsibility in order to get more success. Wow... this is really a financial brilliant year for you!

August: August will be a month of choices. Great choices and maybe difficult choices. It looks like that the choices you will make an August will be off great influence for the rest of your life. You are also going to make choices about your love life. It can be that you are going to decide to work less or delegate work so that you have the time for a partner. That you already prepare yourself for this.

The overall influence: the overall influence of the coming 12 months is Finding balance. Every month you will think about keeping balance, stay healthy. The months will be very busy and packed with lots of responsibilities and hard work but the cards say that you can handle this. The coming year will be a Turning Point in your life. You initiate great changes so that you can have the life you want and you put all your effort into this.