Example of the Tarot reading: How to solve my debts?


This is a reading we did for Patrick*


Card #1 - What can I do to change this situation?

You can change this situation when you gather all your strength, all your vitality, all your passion and all your energy. This situation comes totally down to you. Sometimes outside factors can help but this is not the case in your situation. The card says you can solve this problem because you have everything you need to face everything head on. But it all comes down to you and maybe that is a very positive thing because relying on others to change your situation makes you vulnerable and independent. How can you gather your strength, vitality and energy? You need to take good care of yourself. Sleep enough hours, meditate, drink lots of water and eat food that will give you the energy you need at this moment in your life. 

Card #2 - Which fear do I need to overcome?

You have a false fear at this moment because somehow you believe that you will end up in poverty. The card isn't saying that you will be poor, only your fear is trying to convince you of this. Try to train yourself and notice when you have this fear and try to think about something else, something positive at that moment. What you give your attention grows so if you give your attention to your fear, your fear will grow. Stop giving your attention to the things you do not want to feel, the things you do not want to fear and slowly but surely the fear will subside. 

Card #3 - Which situation can not be changed at this moment in my life?

It's sometimes really funny how the Tarot cards give answer to a question. The situation you cannot change in your life at this moment is the fact that you are a winner. You are going to come out of this situation with Victory. This must be really comforting to know that you cannot change this even if you try. We hope that it will also help to reduce your fear to become poor.

Card #4 -  Which possibility do I have to solve my debt that I'm not aware of, that I can not see at this moment?

The possibility you have that you are not aware of is that you will initiate a drastic change that will set you free of your debts or make the beginning to make a really positive change regarding your debts. It feels to ask that you will come up with a brilliant plan, out of the blue (and that's why you can not see it at this moment). You will feel renewed, alive and you will have deep faith in your future. You can bring the possibility closer with meditating. Before you start the meditation you can ask your spirit guides, your helpers to help you to see this possibility to solve your debts.

Card #5 - Which qualities should I develop to end my debt?

You have the quality to take risks, risks that will pay off because you have the quality to listen to your intuition that will tell you if you should take a risk yes or no. You have optimism and positive life force to channel your courage, determination and willingness to take risks others would not dare to take. Act on your first feeling, your first impulse that comes from your gut feeling. That way you will never go wrong. You should develop these qualities because they will help you to end your debts.

Card #6 - Short-term future

The short-term future tells you that you will be very productive. You will hang on like a pitbull to the things you are doing. You are planting seeds and the seeds will grow to enormous trees. You have stamina, perseverance and the patience to watch the seeds grow into trees. So the short-term future asks patience and perseverance of you.

Card #7 - Long-term future

The long-term future card tells you that you will build a fortune. You have learnt a lot from dealing with your debts and you discovered qualities in yourself which you didn't know you had. You learnt a lot about yourself. You will continue to use these new found qualities and they are going to help you enormously to earn more money so that you are sure that you will never end up with debts in the future.

Card#8 - How long will it take to end my debts when I follow the steps the Tarot cards advice me?

When we add up all cards we have 11. This means that within 11 weeks or 11 months you will be debt free. 


*Patrick gave his permission to put his reading on our website.