Example of the Tarot reading: How to achieve inner and outer wealth?


This is a reading we did for Janet*


Card #1 Which resources can I use to create inner and outer wealth?

The resource you must use to create inner and outer wealth is your ability to daydream. When you daydream, you attract the things you are daydreaming about. Even studies show that daydreaming is a very helpful tool to create your own reality and at the same time when you daydream, you are in a sort of meditative state of mind. So you will also have benefits on a physical and mental level when you daydream. The funny thing about daydreaming is that you cannot daydream about things that are not meant for you. You can try this if you want and see for yourself. For instance, when you have no interest in being -let's say- a dentist, and you try to daydream about this you will notice that the day dream stops. When you long and dream about a house at the seaside and you start to  daydream about this, you will notice that you can daydream in detail and the daydream takes you further and further. Stay for as long and as often as you want in your daydreams because this is an important resource for you to create inner and outer wealth.

Card #2 Which resources are closed off for me at this moment?

At this moment you find it impossible to take a break or find some quiet time for yourself. You often don't feel well physically. You probably work long hours and you are experiencing some level of stress. Please take good care of yourself. If this situation goes on for too long you can get sick. The card says that you are in need of time off or vacation doing absolutely nothing.

Card #3 What can I do to open the resources?

To open the resources, the cards advise you to delegate part of your work. There is someone in your near environment, in your close circle that wants to help you and take some of the heavy workload from your shoulders. Maybe you find it difficult to ask for help, but this person is really open to help you. Being a good manager of your life means asking for help when you feel you need this.

Card #4 What do I need to overcome?

You need to overcome that you have a tendency to look at everything in your life too serious. Sometimes you feel your life depends on it. Be more playful. Try to see the humour in things. You have nothing to be frightened of and there is no threat in your life. So you need to overcome your seriousness. It's a good thing to be serious when life asks us to be serious, but laughing and having a good time is just as important. When you ask for help and delegate part of your work, you can start to be more playful and enjoy the lighter side of life. You also have a tendency to look at life as a constant battle, that you constantly need to prove yourself. But in fact, the only one you are battling with is yourself. Stop your inner battle and play and laugh more.

Card #5 Unexpected events. From which side will I get help or from which side can I expect difficulties?

There are no difficulties to expect. I think the universe thinks that you already cause enough internal difficulties for yourself so they are giving you a break lol. What kind of unexpected events can you expect? The cards are saying that a new, very important life phase is coming your way with lots of new possibilities. You can tap into all your talents, and you have many. It seems that you are going to meet a soulmate and this person will initiate this new wonderful period in your life. Maybe you will start a family, maybe you will start a business together. The possibilities are endless.

Card #6 The results when you follow the advice from the Tarot cards

The result is the card of balance  You will learn how to receive and that you receive just as much as you give. You will feel that you finally experience balance in your life.

When we add up all cards together we have 9. This means that within 9 weeks or 9 months you start to feel inner and outer wealth. Please follow the advice of the cards because you can speed up things in your life when you follow this advice.


*Janet gave her permission to place this reading on our website.