Example Abundance spread Tarot reading

Card #1- What is my current attitude towards money?

The card we have drawn for you is Pentacles 9. Tradition says this is a financial good luck card, it will promise great and usually unexpected profits. It tells you that your attitude towards money is very healthy, you expect wealth and you have a deep inner belief about this. You also feel that money will give you peace of mind and lots of free time. This attitude is very healthy and will help you. So don't change it.

Card #2 - Which (inner) recources do I have?

The card we have drawn for you is The Empress. This means you have access to an enormous amount of creativity, growth and knowledge. Whenever you feel stuck and you are searching for new ideas, it can be very helpful to be outside in nature. For you being in nature is like meditating; you will have a direct connection with the universe and the universe can bring you new ideas. Write all your ideas down because sometimes the flow of new ideas can be overwhelming for you.

Card #3 - Which (inner) recources are closed off at this moment?

The card we have drawn for you is 2 of Cups. This means that at this moment you want to work alone, you want to achieve abundance in money all by yourself. At this moment this works very well for you. It's not necessary for you to work together with someone else or in a team. You feel that this will only distract you from your goals. We see that in the future you will work together with a team, but for now working on your own is exactly the way to go.

Card #4 - What do I need to do to open the resources? 

The card we have drawn for you is the Hermit. There is no need for you to open the resources at this moment because the card #3 said that you need to work alone at this moment. You don't have to open any resources because you have everything you need to tap into abundance right now. We think you are doing better than you are aware of.

Card #5 - What do I need to conquer that I'm not aware of?

The card we have drawn for you is 4 of Cups. This means you can get stuck emotionally and you don't care much about anything. You can have a feeling that your life is meaningless and empty and that you lack motivation. When you are stuck in that emotion you overlook the opportunities right in front of your nose. Try to be aware when you feel stuck so that you don't miss out on all the opportunities and ask yourself the question if it's really necessary to feel emotionally stuck.

Card #6 - Unexpected events you are not aware of

The card we have drawn for you is 7 of Pentacles. This card means that you have to be really patient sometimes. You need to realize that things need to grow, everything has its own pace. You can be impatient sometimes but Pentacles 7 assures you that everything can grow and often in a way you couldn't imagine. Being patient is all you need. You will come across times when you notice that you are really impatient and you want to act but when you take action when all you need to do is wait, you disturb the growth. Sometimes acting will work counterproductive for you. This card also says that every now and then you have to take a step back and see if you're right on track with your plans. You probably think that you can go full force ahead with all your plans but sometimes you need to take a time out so that your plans can blossom and come to full fruition.