'Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your reading I know now that I am going to change jobs. I had doubts for so many months and your reading confirmed what I already felt deep down.'


'Thank you for the fast delivery and accurate reading, it was spot on.'


'I said yes when you asked me to give a review about my reading. And the reason I said yes is because this reading is so spot on. Especially the last card. The first 7 cards I totally recognised myself and Stephen and it was almost scary. These cards are really mirrors. The last card about disruptive forces and your time frame of 6 weeks or 6 months was spot-on. Three months after the reading, Stephen got a burnout and his father became very ill. That brought us even more together. He asked me to marry him and even though the thought of being married scares the Living daylight out of me I said yes! We are now married for 5 months and very happy. When I received your reading, card number six scared me but looking back it brought good things even though at that time it didn't feel that way. Stephens father totally recovered thank God. Thank you so much for this amazing reading. Love, Patricia'