Example reading:

Will he or she come back to me?


Card #1 - This is what it's about, the theme of the question

The relationship you had was anything but easy. There was a lot of passion, but also a lot of game-playing. You didn't feel safe. You felt a lack of freedom and things were happening that went against your true nature. One of you had total control over the other. Very unhealthy situation.

Card #2 - What you shouldn't do

The card says that you mustn't have hope. The card also says that you are being protected by the universe because the situation is very unhealthy. Don't make any future plans in your head and don't dream about a future together.

Card #3 - What you should do

Protect your heart because card number 3 is saying that he will reach out to you to see if there is still a possibility that you can be together. This card tells you to follow your instinct and don't fall back into this toxic relationship. Because of the game playing you can get confused about what is right and what is wrong? He can be really manipulative and make you question what you feel. 

Card #4 - Will he or she come back to you?

Yes, he will come back to you but you should know that nothing will change. The relationship will continue to be toxic. It feels to us that you have now the opportunity to think about what you want and to prepare yourself about what to do and what to say when he contacts you again.

Card #5 - What lies ahead for you short term 

Within 10 weeks changes are coming your way. This can mean that he will contact you again within 10 weeks.

Card #6 - What lies ahead for you long term

Within 5 months there will be a final breakup. Nothing is set in stone. The cards give the most likely outcome but you have free will. If you use the time you have at this moment to think about what you want, you can immediately cut off the contact. But maybe you need to be together with him again for a short period to really feel in every cell in your body that nothing has changed and that you can break free for good. The choice is yours.