Example reading: What can I do to find love?

Card #1 What can you expect?

The card on position one is what you can expect within a couple of days. The card we have drawn for you is Pentacles 5. This card says that you have a fear that you will lack warmth, love and all other nice and positive feelings when you are in love with someone. It is not reality, it is what you fear (false evidence appearing real = fear). So you can expect within a couple of days feelings of fear that you lack love now and in the future.

Card #2 How do you think about love at this moment in your life?

The card we have drawn is the King of Cups. You are in touch with your emotions but you have a tendency to close yourself off when it comes to matters of the heart. You are a lovely sensitive soul and you can always count on your intuition and follow your heart. You know instinctively when you can open your heart or not. Be aware that you protect your boundaries.

Card #3 How do you feel about love at this moment in your life?

The card we have drawn is Pentacles 6. You are willing to give and to take. You know that this has to be in balance to have a healthy relationship. You feel you want an equal relationship.

Card #4 How do you act towards love at this moment in your life?

The card we have drawn is 2 of Cups. You are very charming and tender and someone gave you wings. You were open towards this person and you felt a special connection between the both of you.

Card #5 How you should act about love

The card we have drawn is King of Wands. This card tells you that you can show who you are. Take the lead and trust your inner power. Stay fatefull to your moral principles. When you do this you will be respected.

Card # 6 How you should feel about love

The card we have drawn is Temperance. Find your inner peace and let nothing or no one disturb your inner calmth. Give yourself a little break and find your balance again. You need to let go of inner doubt and make peace with yourself. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Card #7 How you should think about love

The card we have drawn is 8 of Cups. This card tells you that you should go your own way. Even when what you leave behind meant a lot to you. Learn to be independant and to stand on your own two feet. You are on your way to total freedom so that 'the new' can find you.

Conclusion: It seems someone is in your life right now. You are not sure if you should open your heart for this person. The advice the cards give you is to find your balance again. When you find your balance you know what to do. The cards say that you should leave. This could mean leave your old way of living. You fear that you won't have love. But that's not true, you don't have to have any fear about this. Show this special person who you really are. Show him your inner power. He will respect you for this. You have the right attitude about love, you are willing to give and also to take. Make peace with your own heart. You can do this with meditation or walks in nature. Your will start to feel your inner balance very quickly.

So in the near future you will feel a little bit lost and lonely. You should know that you are really in touch with your emotions.

And every time you feel confused about love, withdraw and find your balance again because the cards say that every time you find your balance you know exactly what to do.

You are also capable of having a balanced relationship and your attitude towards love is with an open heart, charming, lovable and romantic.

Show the world who you are. You are a leader with great inner power, great pride and great inner wisdom.  You have high principles and your partner and the people around you will respect you. We attract what we are so you will attract a partner who is just as powerful as you are and this is exactly what you want.

The cards are saying that within 8 months or 8 weeks, you will find love.