Example reading:

My relationship


Card #1 - The current situation, the relationship at this moment

At this moment you and your partner feel inhibited in the relationship. You can't show certain parts of yourself. There is a tendency to not show a certain part of yourself because you or your partner fears, that this part won't be accepted. 

Card #2 - The way my partner thinks about our relationship 

Your partner isn't quite happy at the moment in the relationship because he feels that he has nothing to say about how things are going. He hopes that fate turns everything around for the better.

Card #3 - The way my partner feels about our relationship 

Your partner loves you very much. For him the relationship is something that can grow. He has patience and he feels that if he is patient enough your relationship can grow. He hopes that the two of you can be creative together. Maybe he wants to start a business with you.

Card #4 - How does my partner behave in our relationship 

Sometimes he can play the victim role and when things don't go his way he can turn a bit into a drama queen. He then freezes his emotions and feels really sorry for himself.

Card #5 - How do I think about my relationship 

You often think that the relationship will go nowhere. That you will lack love and warmth. You sometimes think that your partner doesn't love you. 

Card #6 - How do I feel about my relationship 

At this moment you feel isolated. You cannot feel isolated unless you isolate yourself. You need a break, maybe go on a nice holiday together. 

Card#7 - How do I behave in my relationship

You are open to suggestions from your partner to work on your relationship. You feel that there is enough love between the both of you to work and solve any issues you have.

We have the feeling that when you put more effort into the relationship that it can flourish again. Not all cards in your reading are positive, but they don't say that the relationship is over. To us, it seems like you're going through a difficult phace at this moment and most of the cards in your reading are Swords cards. Sword cards mean that the head is ruling over the heart at this moment. Spend some quality time together and talk about what's going on in your head. There is enough love between the both of you to make this relationship work.


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