Example reading:

How does he or she feels about me?


Example reading for Patricia and Stephen: (read her review on the right about her reading)


Card #1: What does Stephen think of me? (what goes on in his head)

Stephen sees you as a very independent, intelligent hard-working woman. You probably have been single for quite some time before you met Stephen. When you were single you knew how to take care of yourself and you didn’t need anyone else. He sees you as an assertive woman and that you can stand your ground. That's the way he thinks about you. 

Card #2: How does Stephen feels about me? (what goes on in his heart)

Stephen has mixed emotions about you in his heart. He can be really jealous without any reason. He then feels hurt and angry and tends to ignore you. And then suddenly he can have deep feelings of wanting you and longing for you. It goes a bit up and down in his heart. You have trouble reaching him when he feels hurt and angry. He’s like a little child saying NO to everything. Everything you say doesn't matter when he is hurt.

Card #3: How does Stephen behaves towards me?

The way Stephen behaves towards you when you are together is full of positivity, full of warmth. He can give his heart to you without boundaries without crossing his own boundaries. His behaviour is positive and limitless. He likes to take care of you and for him there is no doubt that he said yes to you with all of is heart.

Card #4: How do I think about him?

You see Stephen as your knight in shining armour. You are in love, you feel happy around him  and he has a very positive effect on you. Together you laugh a lot. You have a lot of fun and you enjoy the good things in life like music, food and making love.

Card #5: How do I feel about him?

You feel you are somehow threatened by Stephen. Not literally but you feel threatened that he might cross your boundaries. You need your own space and time and you are protecting this because you feel that if you give too much he will take everything. That's what you fear. 

Card #6: How do I behave towards him?

The way you behave towards Stephen is that you are protecting your independency. From time to time you withdraw from him to think about what you want from him and the relationship. You need this time alone so you can get insights about how you feel, this is very important for you. You understand that it is very healthy if two people can be alone from time to time and that they don’t need each other to feel happy and satisfied.

Card #7: What phase are we in at this moment?

At this moment the trust and the love is growing for each other and you have the wish to live together or to marry. You both are ready to take things to the next level.

Card #8: Do we have a future together?

There will be disruptive forces coming out of no where that will shock you. There will be a total turnaround in your relationship. It can mean that one or both of you is hiding behind a wall, closing your emotions off. And then suddenly, unexpected changes force you to brake down this wall. It can also be that one of you will have life-changing events like the death of someone close to you like a parent, or the loss of a job. This doesn’t mean the end of your relationship but it will bring great changes in your relationship.

It can also be that he suddenly propose to you and that you are shocked to your core because of your need for independence and your fear that you will lose your independence when you are married.

When we add-up the numbers of the cards we have six, so this means that within six weeks or 6 months, you will understand exactly what the cards are telling you now at this moment.


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