Example reading:

Future Love Spread


This is our reading for Rita. She wanted to know if someone new would enter her life.

Card #1 - This is Rita's attitude towards love: The Fool

Card #2 - This is what the Universe wants to tell Rita about her future love life: The Star

Card #3 - Rita's love life in the near future: 5 of pentacles

Card #4 - Her love life long term: Two op cups

Card #5 - What can she do in the meantime: 7 of pentacles

Dear Rita,

This is your reading about your Future love life.

Your attitude towards love is represented by The Fool. This means that you are open to love. You are not frustrated and you don't feel fear that you might stay single. The Fool has faith and an open mind to anything and anyone on your lifepath.

This is what the Universe wants to tell you about your future love life: the card The Star is one of the 3 cards in the Tarot carddeck that gives blessings and heavenly protection. You have every reason to be and to stay positive. The Star promises great joy and happiness.

Your love life in the near future: you have a fear that you won't meet anyone. That you will stay single, unloved, lacking warmth and love. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and this fear comes from your mind. Follow the example of what your heart is telling you (the beautiful card: The Star) and don't listen to your thoughts.

Your love life long term: a beautiful encounter is coming your way. A meeting between two people on a soul level. Meeting your soulmate. The beginning of a romance. 

What can you do in the meantime? You have to be patient but it will be worth it. It can be that your soulmate isn't ready at this moment to meet you. Wait, stay positive and don't give up!

When we add up the 5 cards we can say that you will meet your new partner within 4 weeks or 4 months.

You have every reason to stay positive Rita. The only card that is less positive is Pentacles 5; your mind that tells you that you may stay single. This is not true because the cards are very clear that a beautiful new romance is coming into your life, blessed by the Universe!