Example reading:

Does he or she love me?


Card #1: My dream partner 

The card we have drawn is The Star. This is a card of hope and being open and having faith. You feel joy, harmony, hope and you dream of a future together with this person. 

Card #2: His or her attitude towards me

Two of Swords. This means that this person has a mental battle at this moment about you. He or she doesn't know what to do, what to choose. Inner doubts. 

Card #3: My attitude towards him or her

Wheel of Fortune. This means that you don't know which way it will go. Up or down? You feel you have no influence about this situation.

Card #4: His or her current living situation (private life and work life)

Eight of Wands. He or she has definitely been through tough times and has seen some battles, but he or she is still standing! He or she is hurt, but not down. His or her openness, innocence and trust are gone, replaced by wary defensiveness.

Card #5: Is he or she single? 

Ace of Pentacles. Interesting card regarding to this question. Because it doesn't say yes or no. It says that he or she has a chance to make his or her dreams become reality. So he or she could be married or in a relationship but will act on impulses to make dreams come true. Ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. He or she can figure out what will work and make it a reality and attract all the wealth he or she needs to get projects going. With you or with his or her partner? This card feels like a big red flag in this reading. Pentacles are about money. So maybe he/she isn't single but in a relationship because of finances. Not because of love.

Card #6: Is he or she willing to go on a date with me? 

Three of Wands. Yes, he or she is willing to go on a date with you. It seems that you or the other person has come a long way. After a long and often difficult climb there is solid ground and we can look back how far we have come and have an overview of our life.

Card #7: Is it a good idea to get involved with him or her? 

Page of Pentacles. This card means you will experience an opportunity to have a long and meaningful relationship with him or her. This card represents  impulses and chances there are reliable and solid. So he or she is definitely open for a future together with you.

Having said all this, I'm still worried about the Ace of Pentacles regarding the question: Is he or she single? There is definitely something going on about money. So I asked the question: Is he or she single and the card I got was the Devil. This tells me that he/she is not single but in an unhealthy relationship and he or she has the feeling that he or she is stuck and chained. Probably because of the money. So even though card number 6 and card number 7 are very positive, I don't trust this person concerning his love life. Card number two we had the two of Swords and this is also a red flag because yes, he or she is willing to go on a date with you but at the same time he or she is stuck and doesn't know what to do. I totally understand he or she feels this way when the Devil showed up about the question whether he or she is single. It's better to be safe than sorry so be very careful and find out what the story really is before you open your heart.