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Break up Yes or No?


The question: Rita asked us if she should file for divorce?

This is our reading for Rita:

Dear Rita,

We have drawn the following 5 cards for you:

Card number 1: The situation, this is what it's about: Death

This means that you are serious about ending this relationship. You are thinking about this for a while. You are willing to thank your partner for the time you spend together. This card represents an important ending that will initiate great change. It is the end of an era. A moment when a door is closing and another can open. You can feel sadness and pain but also relief.

Card number 2: This is what I actually want when I let my heart speak: The Sun

This means you want warmth, happiness, confidence, positivity in your life. You want energy and health. You want your light to shine and you want to feel alive.

Card number 3: This is how I think about the situation: Nine of Swords

This means that your current attitude is filled with sorrow and nightmares. You can not see anything positive. You also feel guilty. You expect problems everywhere.

Card number 4: What happens if I stay? Five of Swords

This card can mean that you are defining your interests too narrowly. You feel the need to put your own interests first. This card also shows hostility and can signify dishonors. You may be the one being dishonest or someone is being dishonest to you. It can also imply jalouzie.

Card number 5: What happens if I go? Queen of Swords

You will always tell exactly how it is. You have honesty, and you live by your commitment to being truthful. Lies, tricks and games are of no interest to you and you can see through lies and tricks. You prefer to be straightforward and direct. You are not scared to follow your own path because you have all it takes to survive, no matter what lives throws at you. You are independant with a great sense of humor.

The interpretation of all cards combined together; the advice the Tarot cards give you:

'The cards say that it is very obvious that you are in a low point in life at this moment and that you are really serious about leaving. You feel a lot of sorrow and grieve. You are a warm, kind and positive person by nature and you want to feel that way again. You miss feeling this way. If you stay you will have the feeling that you have 'won' (because you made a decision) but it won't give you pleasure. The 'victory' of making this decision to stay won't feel like a victory at all. You may feel that you are not being honest to yourself and thus also not honest to your partner. If you decide to leave you can handle every obstacle that may come your way.

You have learned a lot in life and you know your worth. It will also give you (inner) clarity. This readings tells you that you have everything it takes to overcome any obstacle when you decide to leave. It also tells you that when you stay you won't 'gain' anything. Try to ask yourself questions and answer them honestly. Questions like: what hinders me to stay? Do I want to grow old with my partner? How does it make me feel when I think about leaving? How does it make me feel when I think about staying? Breaking up is often a difficult decision. The cards are very clear about your question. Give yourself time, nobody puts any pressure on you. Sometimes it takes time to get your heart and your head on the same page. ' End of example.

This reading for Rita was in 2005. She tried couples counseling and it seemed to work for a little while. She felt like The Sun again for a short period. But after a couple of months she started to feel the Five of Swords, that she felt that she didn't listen to her heart and the old feelings of sorrow came back. She gathered all her strenght (she has a lot of strenght because of the Queen of Swords!) and in 2009 she decided to leave.

She wanted to know if someone new would enter her life, so we did a Future love spread for her.

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Break up Yes or No?